Human-Centered Facilitation

Shifting Transactional Workplaces to Relational Workspaces

Supporting organizations in shifting from a transactional workplace to a relational workspace by centering connection, cultivating community, and harnessing the power of the collective.



Combining two powerful frameworks, The Circle Way (TWC)© and Technology of Participation (ToP)©, human-centered facilitation focuses on organizational culture and healing and offers a new approach to gather and conduct business not-as-usual. Using circle methodology as a foundational framework, coupled with a Technology of Participation (a highly participatory approach to facilitation), teams are offered a space to come together and be seen as their whole self rather than a position or title. Using this approach, we slow down to hear, to be heard, to see, and be seen. The hybrid approach invites in both spaciousness and structure, it allows us to tend to people, process, and product. It allows us to co-create spaces that foster safety and invite vulnerability and empathy as a way to deepen trust, build stronger, more resilient teams, and bring us into relationship with one another. From a place of greater resilience and more authentic relationships, we are better able to communicate, lean into difficult conversations, and ultimately shift from a transactional work place to a relational work space.


As circle practice takes hold in organizations, community groups, and families, it creates a social container strong enough to bring conversations out of hiding. The questions under the statements, the longing under the doing, the story under the check-in, the confusion under the confidence comes into metaphoric firelight offering us the possibility that we may heal our collective wounds.

- Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea, The Circle Way


Each new facilitation inquiry begins with an invitation to engage in a highly collaborative process intended to shape the overall outcomes and design of the desired session. The design process centers relationship-building from the beginning and seeks to draw out what is most needed for the people, from the process, and for a product. Though sessions can range across a diverse spectrum (depending on need and desired outcome), the work happens one-on-one with each client to ensure a whole person approach throughout the entire process.


Through training, organizations become grounded in The Circle Way method and application of the process. Integration of The Circle Way into the everyday work environment is an essential step in making the transformational shift from a transactional workplace to becoming a relational workspace. By learning how to apply the method with intention and attention, organizations can better support their people in enhancing a healthy, positive, and productive organizational culture through:

  • Establishing Authentic Relationships: Invite vulnerability, embrace empathy, and harness the wholeness of the collective as a way to create an environment in which relationships can exist in their full and authentic richness. 

  • Strengthening Team Development: Deepen trust, foster connection, and improve communication between team members in order to create strong and resilient teams.

  • Cultivating Inclusive Leadership: Create and build staff buy-in, ownership, and empowerment by ensuring all voices are heard and inviting leaders to engage as co-creators of the process.

  • Restoring Trust and Building Resilience: Restore trust among peers/co-workers/teams as a path to deepened relationships and building resilience within and across the organization.



"With great grace and strength, Rangineh expertly weaves diverse voices into collective containers of safe space for the kind of transformational work leaders yearn for."

Jensine Larsen | Founder & Chief Executive Officer | World Pulse

“Rangineh's ability to bring together a group of stressed out, overwhelmed, and overworked team members, get us focused in the moment, and leave feeling committed and inspired to engage in the work is nothing short of miraculous. The agenda she set for us was exactly what we needed to create a space for reflection, trust, dialogue, and visioning. She has a beautiful ability to elicit thoughtful responses by the questions posed and then force us to go deeper, as needed. Rangineh's use of The Circle Way ensures that everyone has a voice and will be expected to share out. What I appreciate most about Rangineh's leadership throughout the process is how deeply she listens and brainstorms to co-create the agenda for the session. Her ability to bridge thoughts, feelings, and emotions associated with the way we interact with one another with goals, strategy, and outcomes for how to hold ourselves accountable to one another as a leadership team is incredibly inspiring and unique.”

Dr. Lisa Cardoza | Vice President of University Advancement | California State University, Sacramento

"Rangineh's work with my organization and our network partners was transformative. Rangineh led our group through a day-long retreat using a human-centered design that allowed everyone to connect on a deeper level, giving everyone the opportunity to find more meaning behind the work we are all doing together for our community. My group was a challenging group to lead. Our partners were not on the same page and a significant amount of animosity had grown between the community and one of our partners, leading to dysfunctional relationships within the network. Rangineh spent multiple hours in advance of the retreat exploring various internal and external perceptions from each of our network partners. She used her findings to design how she would facilitate our retreat. During the retreat each partner had opportunities to feel heard in a safe, well-controlled but gentle environment. Partners were able to open up, make new commitments to one another and recognize how all of our relationships play a significant role in how health services are delivered to the community. It has been one year since our initial retreat and our network has done an about-face. We are functioning at a much greater capacity together, collaborating on multiple projects and everyone feels a sense of unity that did not exist prior to our retreat. We are forever grateful for Rangineh and look forward to many years of work with her going forward!"

Micheline White-Kirby | Executive Director | Mendonoma Health Alliance

"I brought Solh Resolutions in to work with our Boards and Commissions Leadership Institute, a six-month program that prepares people from low income communities and communities of color to sit on public boards and commissions. SRI took the Institute to the next level. The insightful conversations Rangineh led catalyzed the cohort's understanding of complex information, helping them to identify themes across content areas, open up to each other, and build community. Beyond in-class facilitation, Rangineh developed novel curriculum pieces, planned the flow of our sessions, and eased the way for proactive conversations about the Institute's role in regional equity work. Rangineh was unfailingly positive, insightful, and enthusiastic, even in the face of vague goals and abrupt changes to our schedule. The clarity and quality SRI brought to our process was invaluable to me as program staff, and to the future leaders in our cohort."

Veronica Beaty | Former Policy Director | Sacramento Housing Alliance