Circular Curations

Curating Spaces to Center Healing

Holding circle to foster healing, nurture community, and call forth communal wisdom toward restoring collective wholeness.

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Circular Curations is a series of specially designed restorative circles and workshops using circle methodology to curate spaces that foster healing, nurture community, and call forth communal wisdom toward restoring collective wholeness. Embedded in these spaces is an invitation for healing at the personal, communal, and collective level through:

  • Restoring authentic social connections

  • Reclaiming our inherent humanity

  • Rediscovering our collective sense of Self

Authentic connections help us recall what it means to be in communion with wholeness, to be in community with the collective at the center of our hearts, thoughts, and actions...only then can we truly heal and restore our full humanity, which serves as a precursor to beginning the deeper work of dismantling centuries of oppressive systems and structures. 


“I don’t think healing follows directions. The truth is that I don’t know what we become when we heal. None of us does. That is the wisdom of the process. I know that when I opened up to myself I became more of me, I became curious and porous. I cried more and argued less. I knew where my fight belonged and where it didn’t. I knew where I belonged and I insisted on remaining. In healing we become more of ourselves. We move away from controlling our expressions, insisting on who we will be, gatekeeping to manage our   insecurities, and we discover who we are after all this time, after all these breaks, with all this joy. I am proposing a process, not a destination. A necessary process for us to become, a process that will fundamentally reshape us and our relationships, and will have to, by its very magnitude, reshape the world.”

- Prentis Hemphill, “The Wisdom of Process”
Excerpt from You are Your Best Thing

The Invitation of Circle

Circles curated intentionally for healing allow us to pause, reflect, connect and move forward with a sense of renewed energy and understanding of ourselves and those with whom we are in community, whether personally or professionally.  

In circle, participants will be invited to:

  1. Reclaim a pace that allows us to more deeply and meaningfully connect;

  2. Co-create a space for reflection, replenishment, and re-centering of self;

  3. Utilize intentional listening and the sharing of story as a way of strengthening and reaffirming relationships; and

  4. Attend to that which needs airing, understanding, healing, and/or releasing in the presence of community.

Circle Offerings

Solh Healing Circles

Customized Solh Healing Circles (also known as "Solh Circles") are specially curated spaces that center peace and healing and are tailored to the needs of a specific group or organization. (*These circles are currently being held virtually in the 2-4 hour variety and will resume in-person offerings pending approval of local health guidelines)

A few examples of how healing circles can be in service to groups and organizations include:

  • Processing the uncertainty of the current COVID reality and social unrest

  • Honoring transitions of long-term leaders and team members (through promotion, retirement, death, etc.)

  • Supporting team members and leaders in processing large-scale organizational changes 

  • Holding intentional space for courageous conversations


Solh Healing Workshops

Solh Healing Workshops (also known as "Solh Workshops") are designed as full day in-person offerings focused on specific arenas of healing, and in certain cases curated for specific groups/organizations. Temporarily adapted from the original in-person full day offering, the following workshops are currently available in an abbreviated online version (and will resume pending approval of local health guidelines):



Rangineh is a gifted facilitator, and I had the honor of learning and practicing with her within the context of both racial healing circles and a college course focusing on social justice issues in health care.   I wish I could truly capture in words the energy that fills the room when she holds space and acts as a guide for authentic discussion.  It inspires people to show up as their whole selves, which invites us to lean further into our vulnerability to share.  This process benefits everyone when we can tell our stories, unfiltered and unapologetic, so we can be more fully human.  

Moira Delgado | Service-Learning Program Director | California Northstate University

This was one of the most challenging years for me. COVID-19 Pandemic, political and racial turmoil, shift in employment, to name a few stressors. As I was struggling with all the turmoil, I received the news of my brother passing. It was more than I could bear. After the initial shock, I subconsciously buried the pain so deep that I was not feeling anything for some weeks....until my participation in Reclaiming Wholeness Workshop. The process was facilitated with so much care in a safe space, surrounded by loving and compassionate participants. I left there feeling like a load was lifted off my chest. I now look forward to doing more healing work that I have avoided. Thanks Solh Resolutions International!

Dora Perry | Workshop Participant