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Harnessing the collective brilliance and expertise of global co-dreamers, co-callers, and co-creators committed to joyful collaboration in service to the whole. 


Héctor Villarreal Lozoya

Founding Partner, Proyectum

Héctor Villarreal is a founding partner of Proyectum, a company whose mission is the development of collaboration skills and teamwork solutions applied to project management practices. The company is a Master Provider of the 4D-System method, used to train high performance teams at NASA and in many other companies across the globe. Héctor has worked as an instructor, consultant and facilitator during the last 15 years in more than a dozen countries  executing improvement projects of organizational improvement and change by developing supervisors, managers and executives in leadership techniques and effective management. He has been a member of the International Association of Facilitators since 2005 promoting the value that facilitation as a profession provides to all types of organizations to make group interactions and communities much more engaged. In addition to a master's degree from Tecnológico de Monterrey and a postgraduate degree from the Complutense University of Madrid, Hector has studied different techniques and methods for facilitating groups, he is a Licensed Trainer in the Effective Facilitator Method, as well as a Certified Facilitator in the Lego Serious Play Method.


Moira Delgado

Director of Community Service-Learning, California Northstate University

With over 20 years in higher education and non-profit management in Texas and California, Ms. Delgado possesses expertise in teaching intercultural communication; program development that targets underserved students; presenting intercultural communication, advising, diversity and social justice workshops. In 2002, upon leaving her role as a Crisis Intervention Team Specialist with Mental Health Association in Houston, Texas, Ms. Delgado joined the University of California, Davis, where from 2002 –2015 she held such positions as Outreach Coordinator, Education Specialist, and Outreach and Program Manager for International Students and Scholars, and Intercultural Leadership instructor. During her career at UC Davis, Ms. Delgado was the recipient of four Principles of Community Awards, two individual and two team recognitions, for dedication to social justice and diversity at UC Davis and in the greater community. In fact, Ms. Delgado was a member of volunteer diversity trainers for Office of Campus Community Relations for 12 years and a three-time volunteer for Seeds of Learning, a non-profit that builds schools in rural villages in El Salvador and Nicaragua. In spring 2015, UC Davis created the Moira Delgado Campus Involvement Award, in honor of the great strides Ms. Delgado made for creating a more inclusive, welcoming environment for international students and scholars.

Teck Kwang Profile Shot (Main).jpg

Loh Teck Kwang, CPF©

Founder, Pareto Solution

Teck Kwang, founder of Pareto Solution, is an Organizational Development (OD) Catalyst whose passion is to help organizations and people learn and grow. He has worked in this field for 15 years, and to date has helped more than 300 organizations in their developmental journey. Teck Kwang is facilitative in his OD approach. He harnesses the diversity among people, and he brings out the best in them. He empowers clients, and he co-creates solutions with them. Teck Kwang takes a practical approach with his clients. He works on real organizational challenges, facilitates the problem solving process, and he helps clients reflect upon their learning along the way.  His approach enables clients to apply their learning to applications beyond the project scope. He is known by clients to be effective in managing problems, training leaders, and in building strong and cohesive teams.



Dora Perry

Founder and Principal, Cultural Coaching Solutions

Dora Perry is the Founder and Principal of Cultural Coaching Solutions (CCS) LLC. CCS is a multi-generational, inter-cultural consulting team with 30+ years of expertise bringing social justice awareness and practical application tools to community groups, educational institutions, governmental entities, corporate and non-profit organizations. CCS team works with clients to ensure that cultural humility and historical context is incorporated into our workshops and every process that we lead or support. Our team always aims at centering those who have been historically and culturally marginalized without losing sight of the organizational and group needs.


Sandra Jackson

Principal, Resolution Conversations

Sandra Jackson, Principal of Resolution Conversations specializes in mediation, facilitation, and training.  Sandra has a passion for helping people to have open, honest, and productive conversations to gain clarity, create understanding, and generate forward thinking.  Her mediation experience includes workplace, landlord-tenant, neighbor-to-neighbor, business, and contractual cases.  In addition to her private practice, she also mediates for Multnomah County Small Claims Court and has been a co-trainer for the program since 2014.  Sandra has also been a co-trainer for East Metro Mediation’s 48-hour basic mediation training since 2016.  Sandra was the recipient of the Shannon Steward Award of Excellence in 2014. Sandra’s facilitation experience consists of retreats, board meetings, community-input meetings, team building, and strategic planning for government, non-profit, and for-profit organizations.  In addition, Sandra facilitates Foreclosure Avoidance conferences as well as DHS family decision meetings. Sandra also provides training for groups in the areas of communication, conflict management, and facilitation basics.


Barbara MacKay, CPF©, CTF

Principal, North Star Facilitators

Barbara MacKay, MS, CPF©, principal of North Star Facilitators, specializes in strategic planning, facilitation processes, training, and consulting. Barbara is currently mentoring facilitators from all over the world and cares deeply about passing on the skills to others so the world becomes a just, peaceful and creative place.  Barbara’s strong interpersonal communication skills and experience allow her to work skillfully with a wide variety of participant perspectives. Barbara specializes in helping groups participate, problem-solve, plan and make progress in challenging and complex situations.  She has an energetic, respectful style and clear delivery. Barbara has worked with 100’s of clients from all sectors with her own company since 1995. She has provided social, economic and environmental consulting and facilitation services to many cultures throughout Canada and the United States, among several other countries.

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