Conflict Transformation
Leveraging Conflict to Transform Organizations  

Guiding organizations in transforming conflict through introspection, reflection, and exploration to courageously and constructively address conflict.



Solh Resolutions International’s variety of conflict transformation services provide a supportive environment for individuals and groups seeking expanded self-awareness in how they show up in and navigate conflict, a topic traditionally associated with high-stress and avoidance. Each service offers a unique opportunity to slow down and reconsider the way that conflict is typically experienced, which is often as a flashpoint at the intersection of emotion and reaction. As a result of this more mindful exploration, we emerge as more effective leaders and individuals with improved confidence and competence in how to courageously and constructively address conflict.

Zen Stones

"Just at least consider that the place where you are wrong         might be the most fertile ground for connecting with and        receiving others. And in a beautiful twist, being soft in your rightness, as opposed to smashing people with your             brilliance, can open others up to whatever wisdom you’ve    accumulated."

- adrienne maree brown, Emergent Strategy

Conflict Coaching

Using the CINERGY® Model for Conflict Management Coaching, participants engage in a one-on-one process where they work with a specially trained coach to improve the way they manage and engage in their interpersonal workplace conflicts and disputes. Through exploring all sides of the conflict, this approach invites participants to:

  • Journey toward more mindfully assessing and understanding their conflict with the benefit, support, and guidance of a coach

  • Empower the participant to tap into their own wisdom and expertise in identifying a solution

Conflict coaching is distinct from therapy or counseling in that it is highly goal-oriented, future-oriented, and action-oriented.

Conflict Consciousness Workshop Series

Each installment of the Conflict Consciousness Workshop Series builds on the previous part to guide participants through new, deepened levels of awareness and understanding of the ways that we show up in conflict. Participants attending this series do not need to be from the same organization; however, organizations can opt to have one or more parts of the series held exclusively for their staff.

  • Part I | Becoming Conscious: The first installment of this highly interactive and introspective workshop series begins by drawing from participants’ experiences to achieve a new sense of self-awareness about how they view conflict through discovering their conflict story, explore how that story has come to inform their core beliefs about conflict, and identify how these core beliefs are reflected in the way they approach conflict personally and professionally. With this newfound understanding, participants can then begin to consider how a new, more flexible outcome to old conflicts can be possible.

  • Part II | Applying Awareness: In the second installment of the series, participants are guided through aligning their enhanced awareness with skills and tools to support them in constructively engaging in conflict while making meaningful shifts in their current conflict behaviors.

  • Part III | Harnessing Mastery: Finally, the third installment of the series works with participants to harness their evolved consciousness into daily rituals, reflections, and practices that can effectively support and sustain them in the long-term as they journey toward mastery. 

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Conflict Coaching

"One-On-One coaching with Rangineh has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. Her professionalism sets the tone for you to feel supported while uncovering things you may have never explored in depth. Doing the work is tough, but she has a unique way of helping you talk through conflict that encourages you see things from multiple sides and gain greater understanding and own your voice! Her questions create a desire for one to rise to the occasion and seek a resolve! Whether that be within yourself or with others, there are tools to support you from beginning to end. Everything around me has since increased. I found my voice and executed boundaries during her coaching program which has allowed me to show up fully in life, relationships and business! This program is a must for anyone willing to do the work, you will never be the same!"

Sonia Harris | Mindset Strategist and Certified Wellness Coach

“We tend to think that conflict resolution is intuitive, and we should just know how to handle conflict. This is rarely the case. Conflict resolution is a skill that can be learned and with preparation, practice and an honest approach, conflict resolution skills can be a strong asset in our professional and personal lives. Rangineh expertly guided me through issues without judging or leading. She recognizes that the best solutions are those discovered by the person experiencing the issue(s). She recognizes the chances for success are dramatically increased when we identify and address the underlying reasons behind our issues. In my opinion, this coaching process is effective because of Ragineh's approach of walking beside her client. She doesn't lead and she doesn't push. She guides the client through their self-discovery.”

Mary Paulson | Deputy Executive Director | Oregon School Boards Association

Conflict Consciousness Workshop Series

“When I first met Rangineh who was the facilitator of the workshop, I was immediately surrounded in her positive energy. It felt as though a cloak of peace and joy had been gently placed over my shoulders. She actually began the workgroup by helping participants to transition into the moment. Have you ever heard of such a thing? With most of going so fast, rushing in and out of meetings every day, we don’t typically take time to transition into the new moment. I was humbled by that simple concept, and promised myself that I would be more mindful about transitioning into each new moment of my life. Throughout the workshop, the entire audience were avid participants, and needless to say, our attention was fully captured. I walked away from the training with an appreciation for conflict, increased communication skills, and a desire to learn more about Conflict Consciousness. Rangineh was phenomenal as the facilitator and her excitement for the topic was evident throughout the workshop. Rangineh encouraged each participant to experience their own journey with conflict and to acknowledge the power of conflict consciousness for themselves. Without doubt or hesitancy, I would absolutely participate in another workshop on Conflict Consciousness through Solh Resolutions International.”

April L. | Quality Improvement and Research Director

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Connie Robison, Executive Director, Public Health Institute

Rangineh’s invitation to us to do the hard work that is about self, personal healing, and discovery is essential to our ability as a society to produce community and well-being.


Shawn Harrison, Co-Executive Director, Soil Born Farms

Rangineh is a competent and compassionate teacher that has a rare ability to guide a group through sensitive topics. My awareness, knowledge and commitment to conscious conflict is now greatly strengthened.

Conflict Consciousness Workshop Series

Part I: Becoming Conscious