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Solh is the Farsi word for peace. Stemming from a childhood spent in Tehran during the Iran/Iraq war, Rangineh recognized early on that creating a peaceful and just society meant building bridges that deepen empathy, strengthen connection, and ultimately center our humanity. To this end, Solh Resolutions International was founded with the purpose of guiding and empowering us to expand our awareness and understanding of ourselves and others through human-centered facilitation, conflict transformation, and circular curations.


"A facilitator is someone trained in the skill of shaping group dynamics and collective conversations. My job is to put the right people in a room and help them to collectively think, dream, heal, envision, trust and connect for a specific larger purpose."

- Priya Parker


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Whether you’re an emerging community-based organization or a seasoned mission-driven company, the following services can be tailored to meet your unique organizational needs.

Human-Centered Facilitation

Employing the power of human-centered facilitation to tend to organizational culture and healing by shifting transactional work places to relational work spaces.

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Conflict Transformation


Guiding us along the introspective path of understanding the hows and whys of the way we show up in conflict through coaching and workshops.

Circular Curations


Harnessing the power of circle to curate spaces that center healing, connection, community, and wholeness.


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