Solh Resolutions International’s variety of conflict transformation services provide a supportive environment for individuals and groups seeking expanded self-awareness in how they show up in and navigate conflict, a topic traditionally associated with high-stress and avoidance. Each service offers a unique opportunity to slow down and reconsider the way that conflict is typically experienced, which is often as a flashpoint at the intersection of emotion and reaction. As a result of this more mindful exploration, they emerge as more effective leaders and individuals with improved confidence and competence in how to courageously and constructively address conflict.


Conflict Consciousness Workshop Series

This highly interactive and introspective workshop series draws from participants’ experiences to achieve a new sense of self-awareness, guides them through aligning their enhanced awareness with skills and tools to support them, and finally harnesses their evolved consciousness into daily practices that can sustain them in the long-term on their journey.

Conflict Coaching


Using the CINERGY® Model for Conflict Management Coaching, participants engage in a one-on-one process where they work with a specially trained coach to improve the way they manage and engage in their interpersonal workplace conflicts and disputes.

Conflict Transformation Retreat


This tailored retreat is for groups who are currently experiencing conflict, have a commitment to seeking a resolution, and are in need of guidance to reach that resolution. This experience provides groups with an introspective journey where they can emerge on the other side of the conflict and become stewards of their own solution.





Guiding. Empowering. Transforming.


Solh Resolutions International was founded with the aim of guiding and empowering us to expand our awareness and understanding of ourselves and others in conflict. With this view, conflict has the potential to shift from challenge to catalyst for transformational change.

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