Sonia Harris

Business Owner | Mentor | Mindset Strategist and Certified Wellness Coach

"One-On-One coaching with Rangineh has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. Her professionalism sets the tone for you to feel supported while uncovering things you may have never explored in depth. Doing the work is tough, but she has a unique way of helping you talk through conflict that encourages you see things from multiple sides and gain greater understanding and own your voice! Her questions create a desire for one to rise to the occasion and seek a resolve! Whether that be within yourself for with others there are tools to support you from beginning to end. Everything around me has since increased. I found my voice and executed boundaries during her coaching program which has allowed me to show up fully in life, relationships and business! This program is a must for anyone willing to do the work, you will never be the same!"


Veronica Beaty

Policy Director

"I brought Solh Resolutions in to work with our Boards and Commissions Leadership Institute, a six-month program that prepares people from low income communities and communities of color to sit on public boards and commissions. SRI took the Institute to the next level. The insightful conversations Rangineh led catalyzed the cohort's understanding of complex information, helping them to identify themes across content areas, open up to each other, and build community. Beyond in-class facilitation, Rangineh developed novel curriculum pieces, planned the flow of our sessions, and eased the way for proactive conversations about the Institute's role in regional equity work. Rangineh was unfailingly positive, insightful, and enthusiastic, even in the face of vague goals and abrupt changes to our schedule. The clarity and quality SRI brought to our process was invaluable to me as program staff, and to the future leaders in our cohort."

Aleenah Mehta

"Knowing Rangineh has changed my life, both personally and professionally. She has served as catalyst, guide, and cheerleader, helping me to make the leap from a young professional to a leader and a social entrepreneur. The space she generously offered me to confront my fears and shed my attachments to preconceived identities was the source from which I could begin to grow in grace. While these transitions normally feel about as fun as taking a cheese grater to your soul, somehow she reorganizes the process in a way that makes it fun and feasible—that alone speaks volumes to her character. I am braver, bolder, and living a more aligned life thanks to Rangineh. She is precisely the kind of person the world needs more of."  


Angela Rodriguez

Former Board Member for Oak Park Sol

"Oak Park Sol is a young but ambitious start-up located in Sacramento. Our efforts are driven by a volunteer board with a ton of great ideas that unfortunately were being blocked by a lack of direction when it came to strategic planning and implementation. Fortunate for us, we hired Rangineh to help guide our organization through development of our vision, strategic direction, and implementation planning. Rangineh is an incredible facilitator and a wonderful person; her calm, supportive and professional demeanor made the whole experience a positive one! Thanks again Rangineh, we've officially hit the ground running and couldn't have done it without you!"

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Rangineh was a steadfast guide in leading me through the conflict coaching process. By discussing and looking at the conflict in different ways, I was able to develop insights into the conflict, myself, and the other person. I don't just view conflict as an obstacle now, I see it also as an invitation, to learn more about myself.

Kelly B.

Rangineh is able to present topics in a way that is able to make you think differently and really open you up to learning more about yourself in a really practical and applicable manner.

Caliph A.

Motivational Speaker

Solh Resolutions International made an impact by bringing joy, peace, and intellect to EJCW's strategic planning process.

Colin B.

Executive Director

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