Conflict Consciousness Workshop Series

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Part I of this highly interactive and introspective workshop series begins by drawing from participants’ experiences to achieve a new sense of self-awareness about how they view conflict through discovering their conflict story, explore how that story has come to inform their core beliefs about conflict, and identify how these core beliefs are reflected in the way they approach conflict personally and professionally. With this newfound understanding, participants can then begin to consider how a new, more flexible outcome to old conflicts can be possible. In Part II, participants are guided through aligning their enhanced awareness with skills and tools to support them in constructively engaging in conflict while making meaningful shifts in their current conflict behaviors. Finally, Part III works with participants to harness their evolved consciousness into daily rituals, reflections, and practices that can effectively support and sustain them in the long-term as they journey toward mastery. *Participants attending this series do not need to be from the same organization; however, organizations can opt to have one or more parts of the series held exclusively for their staff.        

Conflict Coaching

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Using the CINERGY® Model for Conflict Management Coaching, participants engage in a one-on-one process where they work with a specially trained coach to improve the way they manage and engage in their interpersonal workplace conflicts and disputes. Through exploring all sides of the conflict, this approach invites participants to journey toward more mindfully assessing and understanding their conflict with the benefit, support, and guidance of a coach, empowering the participant to tap into their own wisdom and expertise in identifying a solution. Conflict coaching is distinct from therapy or counseling in that it is highly goal-oriented, future-oriented, and action-oriented.

Conflict Transformation Retreat

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This specially tailored retreat opportunity is for groups who are currently experiencing conflict, have a commitment to seeking a resolution, and are in need of guidance to reach that resolution. Integrating the core curriculum from the Conflict Consciousness Workshop, as well as elements of conflict coaching, this 3-day experience is designed to guide groups through an introspective journey where they can emerge on the other side of the conflict and become stewards of their own solution. As a result of this process, there is enhanced buy-in and a deeper commitment from the group to sustain their solution in the long-term. Each day of the camp is specifically and strategically designed to achieve a different iterative aim that creates fertile ground for engagement and equips participants with an orientation toward solution-generation. As a means of providing ongoing support following the retreat, coaching packages are also available at a discounted rate.

Facilitation and Dialogue

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Customized facilitation services are offered for clients seeking an inclusive approach to their unique process needs. The Solh approach to facilitation harnesses the value of participant wisdom while collaborating with clients to co-create desired outcomes, in turn making space for creativity, productivity, and connection to shine through.

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